We are now a CO-WORKING CAFE!

Our cook ran off with a hot guy and is now sailing the world.  But she trained us to bake bread and make coffee so you are gonna be just as fine.

The first part is not true, haha.

Heideland is now welcoming people looking for a co-working and co-living space.  

We have the cafe space that we are turning into a co-working space that accommodate 8 people with laptops comfortably.  We will also be preparing the garden for some more comfy spots that you can use for your creative writing, review or meditation.

Have we mentioned the deck? Yes, we have a deck that is also available and once the rainy season is over, it is one great spot.

Write us for more details and rates!


  1. Great Idea and great place. Very nice part of the Philippines and great accessibility. Off the beaten Manila tracks.


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